About Us


We are a team of professionals with experience and vision in the market ready to receive your project or idea and transform it into reality.

Direct comunication

No sales department, account agents or middlemen. We ourselves take care of receiving, planning and executing the work plan according to your project.


We offer you a fully manageable professional product & service that meets the latest web design and programming standards at an affordable price.

Actualización constante

Siempre estamos en la búsqueda de nuevas tecnologías y estéticas para aplicarlas en nuestros trabajos. Creemos que estar un paso adelante es lo mas importante.

We love what we do

We are passionate about design: we get involved, we read, we write, we participate in events related to our area.

Your success is our success

We give the maximum of our potential to obtain optimal results in the execution of your project.

The Crew


Bruno Gugliano

Audiovisual Designer, photographer and developer at The Crew Studio. Experience in Digital Marketing with focus on SEO/SEM campaigns.


Lucas Burcheri Costa

Visual Arts Designer with professional experience in different disciplines and design areas that are developed in The Crew Studio such as graphic design, video and digital marketing.

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